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In hull transducer mount

Posted By: Rob W.

In hull transducer mount - 09/23/19 05:34 PM

[Linked Image]
I broke the bracket off and was wanting to go ahead and mount in the hull since the transducer and wires seem to be okay still. Is this possible or do you need a different type transducer to mount in hull? Anyone ever did this? Thanks!
Posted By: Wayne P.

Re: In hull transducer mount - 09/23/19 07:00 PM

That is the XNT 9 DI T Humminbird transducer.

When the DI units first came out, that transducer was available as a shoot-thru kit with epoxy instead of the plastic transom mount.

BUT that is no longer recommended as the higher frequencies that are used for 2D and DI with that model don't work well for shoot-thru---455 kHz and 800 kHz.

Sooooo, yes you can, but may not like the results.
Posted By: Rob W.

Re: In hull transducer mount - 09/23/19 11:38 PM

That doesn't sound encouraging. Lol
Posted By: H-D Dad

Re: In hull transducer mount - 10/07/19 04:47 PM

Looks like a spring back bracket is in your future. Good luck
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