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Ultrex question

Posted By: Wes H

Ultrex question - 07/04/19 01:04 PM

I was wondering if it was possible to change which side you get the further rotation past reverse on?

For example if I press the toe forward until im driving straight backwards, I can go about 25 degrees more past. However when going heel back to full reverse I can only go about 10 degrees farther past.

This makes it much easier to steer in reverse when using the toe side of the pedal, however it feels much more natural using my heel to do it so I wish I could switch it.

I might have explained it horribly and it might not even be possible, but hopefully someone knows.

Posted By: Wayne P.

Re: Ultrex question - 07/04/19 02:44 PM

You can change the foot pedal position by adjusting the cable drum in the bow guard. It's called INDEXING in the manual. Just follow the instructions.
Posted By: Wes H

Re: Ultrex question - 07/05/19 09:24 PM

Thank you sir, I appreciate the help.
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