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Posted By: notcrappiepro

Ulterra - 05/31/19 01:36 AM

Looking for someone that has ulterra trolling motor and hummingbird side scan to demonstrate how it all works. Be glad to pay for trip to lake and teaching lesson. I live in tyler, you can text me at 903-571-7015
Posted By: lazycat

Re: Ulterra - 06/03/19 01:09 AM

this is a good video about Humminbird sidescan. It is by a bass guy but will give you a good idea of how it works. it starts a bit slow but give it time.


I have an ulterrra and Humminbird SI. If you do not get a quicker offer to see it on the lake, we can talk about going out in my boat on Palestine in a week or so. I am currently recovering from an injury and need a few more days.
Posted By: Bobby Milam

Re: Ulterra - 06/03/19 02:59 AM

I have both and would take you out but I am in Arlington. If you are ever out this way I can take you to the lake and let you see. The Ulterra videos are pretty self explanatory. Self deploy/stow with the push of a button, trim adjust the motor by pushing a button, spotlock push of a button....The bluetooth models are the ones that are the most accurate for spotlock, old models not as much. It is electric steer not cable so there is no feel of the pedal for direction. I use the handheld remote 99% of the time and just make minor adjustments while fishing with the pedal.

Side imaging is pretty standard nowadays. if you buy one then hire Slade out at Fork to get it adjusted for you and take you out to train you on how to use it.
Posted By: DJB

Re: Ulterra - 06/04/19 04:03 PM

Ordered a ulterra today. Dealer told me the only problem he has is people hitting stumps and breaking the mounting plate. Hopefully it want happen to me.Thats not covered by warranty.
Posted By: Bobby Milam

Re: Ulterra - 06/04/19 10:10 PM

I have had an interracial and terrovas for years. The terrible has the same plate as the ulterra. I fish fork many times in the stumps both day and night and have hit many and never had an issue. Thatís actually the first time I ever heard of one breaking. If you operate it with common sense I doubt youíll have any issues with it. If you think you have to run on full speed regardless of the situation then maybe. The mounting plate is pretty solid now maybe if you use a sliding plate under it maybe not so much
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