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Tx has it so good!

Posted By: McFish51

Tx has it so good! - 04/27/21 11:16 PM

We spent 2 weeks touring east Tx lakes and had a blast! You have so many great FF lakes, and the regs are great. We each caught PB; my partner had a new PB 2 casts in a row. 5 lb and up bass blowing up on schooled shad; crease flies and 2 inch faux fur streamers were almost a fish a cast (well maybe 3 casts). We had some great days, and got blown out or rained out several times. We could almost always find a sheltered cove on a nearby lake if it was windy. CA lakes are almost all canyon lakes and deep water; Tx flats and weed beds held tons of big fish. Athens,Timpson, Nacogdoches, Tawakoni, Gilmer, Fork; LOP; we saw or caught great fish at all these. We never drove more than an hour except Timpson and Nacogdoches. My partner almost had a slam on Tawakoni; wiper, white bass, LMB and striper. Lost the striper to broken 16 ? lb tippet. I'm planning next year's trip for late April/May to hopefuly get better water temps.
Posted By: Osbornfishing

Re: Tx has it so good! - 04/28/21 06:05 AM

welcome it sounds like you had a great trip. Texas has an amazing fish diversity. If you get a chance, try the coast sometime. There are some really hard pullers down there. Congratulations again. thumb
Posted By: J-Moe

Re: Tx has it so good! - 04/28/21 06:04 PM

Great trip indeed thumb

My favorite part of Texas is fly fishing the crystal clear waters of the Texas Hill Country.
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Tx has it so good! - 04/28/21 09:05 PM

Awesome post. Thanks for sharing. thumb
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