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Bailey, Colorado

Posted By: basscat87

Bailey, Colorado - 07/15/20 12:46 AM

Me & my wife are taking a road trip up there. Any input would be appreciated on spinning & fly gear. Thanks
Posted By: Bones72

Re: Bailey, Colorado - 07/21/20 10:59 AM

For that area this time of year through to mid September fishing in the rivers and creeks on the fly plenty of attractor style nymphs (prince, hare's ear, stone fly nymphs) #14-#18, PT nymphs #16-#20, small midges, on top I'd go with stimulators #12-#16 yellow or green and caddis #16&#18. It will also be trico season up there on the many areas of the South Platte, 11 Mile Canyon, Deckers and Cheeseman. I hate that hatch though it is either stupendous or very frustrating. On still waters like Spinney or Tarryall caddis and damsels are godd as well as stimis.
Posted By: basscat87

Re: Bailey, Colorado - 07/22/20 04:12 AM

Bones, would you know of any public access in the Bailey area that’s worth a try? 11 mile canyon looks good, but something a little closer maybe? We’re in Pueblo tonight & heading up there in the morning. Even just to catch a few brookies would be nice! Most guides are booked/running fewer trips with Covid. Thanks for the advice!
Posted By: Mckinneycrappiecatcher

Re: Bailey, Colorado - 07/22/20 07:55 AM

I don’t have any specific advice as I have only fished the south platte once and hated it. However, this is a great time anywhere in the state to hit the upper tribs. Most areas you can find some high country tribs within a reasonable distance and nearly every one of them has cutthroats or Brooks that will willing take about any attractor pattern you throw, basic Humpys, hoppers, and stimulators are hard to beat. I would get out a map on your phone or paper and just look for tributaries, many times you can find some that are right off the edge of a forestry service road, this is how I have found a lot of my favorite fishing holes. Good luck, I hope it helps, just remember that it doesn’t take a whole lot of water to hold those cutties and brooks so don’t overlook even the smallest tribs.
Posted By: Bones72

Re: Bailey, Colorado - 07/22/20 10:46 AM

McKinneycrappiecatcher is spot on anything in the National Forest which pretty much everywhere holds fish and has access. The fish are also very eager. He mentioned brooks and cutties but browns are making inroads; at least in the streams off of Pikes Peak. Unfortunately I do not know the Bailey area that well. Here again McKinney's advice is spot on.
Posted By: flydoc

Re: Bailey, Colorado - 07/23/20 12:05 PM

Fished Spinney the last 2 days. Adult damsels on top for explosive eats.[img]http://[/img] [Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
Posted By: Bones72

Re: Bailey, Colorado - 07/23/20 02:17 PM

Love the damsel bite. Have had good times on Spinney with that but the western (shallow end) of Tarryall was the most exciting still water fishing I've experienced. The last three years (2016-2018) I fished it produced some monsters and lots of them.
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