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The Mighty Guadalupe 2019-2020

Posted By: texasflycaster

The Mighty Guadalupe 2019-2020 - 09/03/19 09:55 PM

Yeah, I know it's still a hundred degrees here, but I was looking forward, and wanted to see what was happening on the Guadalupe ... because I can't see any talk about it here. Went to this site - http://www.grtu.org/flow/ and can not make sense of it. Is there no flow, and is the temperature off the charts? That WOULD be a disaster, right?
Posted By: boocat

Re: The Mighty Guadalupe 2019-2020 - 09/03/19 11:32 PM

Won't be long now! Lows in the 60's. Maybe 3 more weeks and we see a definite temp change. I've been getting all my stuff ready and studying new techniques. You might check with the yak guys to get an idea of what all that flow stuff means. WOO HOO September!!!
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