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Sorta New to Texas

Posted By: Bones72

Sorta New to Texas - 06/19/19 06:40 PM

Hello, all my name is Eirik Svare as I said I am sorta new to Texas. I was stationed here at Ft. Hood for ten years from 1994 to 2004. I am by no means an exclusive fly fisherman. I enjoy all fishing but flyfishing and tying are my passion. I grew up fishing the Rappahannock and Rapidan rivers for in Virginia smallmouth as well as brook trout on the upper Rapidan as well as many tiny Blue Ridge streams. After I left Fort Hood I was stationed at Ft. Knox and then Ft. Carson. At Knox most free time found me on the Cumberland River or below Green River Lake. At Carson I fished most of the waters accessible from the Colorado Springs area. The public sections of the South Platte from Alma down to Deckers. Perhaps the most enjoyable fishing was the small streams leading off of Pikes Peak and Sheep Mountain catching 6 to 12 inch brookies and cutthroat. In the past two years brown trout have made their way into several of these streams and while displacing the cutthroat and squaretails offered the possibility of fish to twenty inches in creeks no more than ten feet across.
I am looking to do some fishing in the area around Killeen and will have to get my post license. I picked up my free disabled license already, Texas is awesome to veterans. I can see from some of the older posts on here that some of the areas I used to fish are still viable though it appears the region has seen an extreme increase in populations and development. Coming back to Texas I would like to fish for some of the native fish that I missed out on while here years ago Rio Grande cichlid and Guadalupe Bass. I am sure that I caught Guadalupes before but was unsure of what I was looking at. I also want to get down to the coast.
Saltwater flyfishing is pretty high on the to do list. I have been tying for the opportunity at saltwater for the past six weeks. I have about twenty four different flavors of clousers in sizes #2 and #4 tied up as they seem to be a popular pattern along the coast. I have done three colors of UV glue grass shrimp, clear/white and clear/olive, clear/orange another three or four subsurface shrimp patterns as well as popping shrimp patterns in olive and tan. For anyone willing to show me what the coast has to offer Id be willing to give em a mess of flies some where in the neighborhood of six dozen.
You would get:
2 clousers # 2 clousers in the following colors: Chrome (grey bucktail over silver krystal flash), Olive/Tan, White/white, White/white (Large silver bead chain eyes w/red throat), Shad #1 purple/chartreuse/white ( Large silver bead chain eyes), Shad #2 electric blue/chartreuse/white, Shad #3 grey/pink/white, Pink/ white (Large silver bead chain eyes), Pink/White, Tuity Fruity, Olive/chartreuse, Purple/pink, Tan/pink, Red/white, Chartreuse/yellow/white, Grey/white (mylar flash throat), Rust/root beer/tan, Rust/olive, Root beer/ grey, Rubber legged arctic fox tan, Electric blue/yellow, Olive/electric blue, Red/yellow, Rust/white
2 clousers #4 in each of these colors: Shad #2 electric blue/chartreuse/white, Chartreuse/white, Chartreuse/yellow, Tuity Fruity,
2 #6 clousers White/white (hot pink throat)
2 #2 UV grass/ghost shrimp clear/white
2 each UV grass/ghost shrimp #4 in olive, clear/white and orange.
2 each popping shrimp #2 olive and tan
2 #4 FC Shrimp (a pattern copied out of the Feather Craft catalogue tied with arctic fox w/bead chain)
2 of the last pattern with brass dumbbell in place of bead chain
2 #2 FC Shrimp (same pattern as the last one except I used craft fur).
2 # 2 shrimp critters for lack of better name
I'd like to think I had little talent at tying but you can be the judge. I am more than willing to send pictures by email or text as I dont have a photo bucket account, or another image hosting cite I subscribed to.
Looking forward to getting out here in Texas again once the water recedes from the heavy rains weve had and to meeting some folks on this board.
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Sorta New to Texas - 07/19/19 03:05 AM

welcome To the TFF!
Posted By: j_hirn2

Re: Sorta New to Texas - 07/21/19 03:08 PM

Welcome to the forum Eric.

You don't need a web hosting site to post pictures. You can post directly from your phone/tablet/laptop/pc.

Click on forum help and there is an explanation on how to do it.
Posted By: Bones72

Re: Sorta New to Texas - 07/24/19 08:43 PM

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