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Lake Hawkins/Lake Winnsboro

Posted By: OTFF

Lake Hawkins/Lake Winnsboro - 09/17/22 08:17 PM

9/17/1962: Wood County dams completed
On this day in 1962, whether by accident or design, the dams of two small Wood County lakes were completed. Lake Hawkins and Lake Winnsboro, formed respectively by Wood County Dam No. 3 and Wood County Dam No. 4, were both made for recreational and flood-regulation purposes. Impoundment of water had begun in both lakes the same summer. Lake Hawkins has a surface area of 776 acres; Lake Winnsboro, of 806 acres. The new lakes joined the hundreds of other manmade reservoirs in Texas that provide water for municipal use and irrigation, as well as the the means for fishing, boating, swimming, water skiing, picnicking, and other recreation.

If you have never fished these two lakes, you should. They both have very nice fish and are fun to fish; bass, crappie, bream, and even catfish. Hawkins has a bonus, chain pickerel.
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Re: Lake Hawkins/Lake Winnsboro - 09/18/22 01:30 AM

I love me some Wood County lakes.
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Re: Lake Hawkins/Lake Winnsboro - 09/18/22 07:25 PM

Posted By: Oldrabbit

Re: Lake Hawkins/Lake Winnsboro - 09/18/22 10:36 PM

I have never fished Lake Winnsboro, as it is hard for me to drive by Lake Hawkins or Lake Gilmer to go there. Our company club usually fishes Hawkins and Gilmer at least one a year.
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