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Fishing Lake Bastrop

Posted By: ryche

Fishing Lake Bastrop - 11/22/21 08:20 PM

Been fishing lake bastrop the last few outings and was looking for some inside advice on "spots" to fish. i borrowed this map from another post and thought id see if anybody can point out specific spots of underlying structure. i heard there is an old road somewhere, maybe an old dam from a previous pond that existed before the lake was constructed. ive searched around here and other places for good waypoints or map that pointed these things out but was unsuccessful. any help would be appreciated. [Linked Image]
Posted By: Hookem

Re: Fishing Lake Bastrop - 11/22/21 08:45 PM

I have never heard or found a roadbed. If there was it was probably a dirt road which now has hydrilla or naiad growing on it.

Main structure is creek beds and cuts. But.....
[Linked Image]
Posted By: Rayzor

Re: Fishing Lake Bastrop - 11/23/21 04:16 AM

At some time of the year, all of these are good places to fish. Bastrop is small enough that if they are not biting in one area, you can pull up your trolling motor and go somewhere else. Bastrop is known for its numbers but nothing is guaranteed. April and May are the best months for me.
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