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Posted By: Rayzor

TPWD Fishing Report Page - 07/23/21 11:14 PM

Curious as to why they have Naconiche listed but not Nacogdoches. Nacogdoches has been around a heck of a lot lot longer. confused 3
Posted By: Osbornfishing

Re: TPWD Fishing Report Page - 07/24/21 12:36 AM

It looks like both are listed.

Posted By: BillS2006

Re: TPWD Fishing Report Page - 07/24/21 09:49 PM

Probably because no one gives them a report. They depend on fishermen, guides, or marinas for their reports.
Posted By: Rayzor

Re: TPWD Fishing Report Page - 07/24/21 10:29 PM

Originally Posted by Osbornfishing

Well brother, I don't have an answer for this one. I was looking under alphabetical, not area. When I looked it was not listed. Today, it is. hmmm

Thank you!
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