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Trolling motor

Posted By: heckster

Trolling motor - 04/15/21 01:32 PM

I purchased a Vexus center console boat and it has a Minn Kota trolling motor on it with the remote,spot lock and all, I also bought the foot control but I'm having hell getting used to it. Have had motor guide trolling motors since they first came and and guess I'm old school. Any tips on how to get used to this thing so I'll quit running into boat docks and stuff with this piece of $#$%
Posted By: Micheal

Re: Trolling motor - 04/15/21 01:38 PM

It's called practice, practice
Posted By: yankee817299

Re: Trolling motor - 04/15/21 01:51 PM

Why not just use the remote. I downloaded the Minn Kota link app and run my TM from my cell phone. Use the remote as a back-up and the foot pedal as a 2nd back up.
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