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lake Near Bastrop

Posted By: CarlB

lake Near Bastrop - 03/23/21 08:10 PM

So I was looking at the map around Bastrop lake to see which areas are in which parks, and I saw this lake in between Bastrop and Buescher- Harmon lake. It's on a green area on google, so I assume it's public access, but I never heard anything about it and it didn't come up in a search of the forum. Does anyone know anything about this lake? I can't tell from google what kind of land it is, just green.
Posted By: Topwater2

Re: lake Near Bastrop - 03/23/21 08:54 PM

If it's the one I'm looking at it's called Harmon Lake and it appears to be on private property. There is a road down to it, stop at the house and see if you can get permission to fish it. TPWD has a place just south of it on 95.
Posted By: BillS2006

Re: lake Near Bastrop - 03/23/21 09:04 PM

It's probably a soil conservation lake and is on private property.
Posted By: CarlB

Re: lake Near Bastrop - 03/24/21 11:57 AM

OH, on google it looks like it's part of the state park.
Posted By: Dominoman

Re: lake Near Bastrop - 03/24/21 11:53 PM

There is a lake at the Buescher State Park
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