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sweet spot

Posted By: olducker

sweet spot - 08/01/20 11:15 PM

Fellows I am going to be buying a used pontoon boat and a bass boat or bay type center console. what do you believe to be the best value to dollar value (the sweet spot) for used boats of this type. (such as bass cat puma 2013 or ranger etc etc.) I do realize this is specific to each rig, but I am trying to gather some direction in my search. I will wait until fall if that will provide a better climate for a buyer. I am hoping to spend under 40,0000 on the bass boat//////or center console --- in the mid 30's for the pontoon.
I do not need a super fast boat and I plan to replace the trolling motor and electronics with top of the line new tech..I am in the North Texas region around lake Fork.
any tips on used boat purchase will be appreciated. I am trying to reach a level that both crafts are reliable and not under repair all the time.
Posted By: DedShort

Re: sweet spot - 08/11/20 06:45 PM

In your price range you should be able to find nice used boats. I would recommend staying away from Evinrude outboards since they quit making them. You can't go wrong with a Ranger or Skeeter. Both have good resale, and parts and service are readily available. Stay in the 20 or 21 foot boats because they will handle rough water best and will also have better resale. Watch this forum for used boats.

I cant really make any suggestions on a pontoon boat.
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