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Lake Limestone

Posted By: spacejunkie

Lake Limestone - 05/11/20 01:07 PM

Wife and I drove around it yesterday trying to find a rental house to have a family get to gather in later on. Anyone know anything about this lake for fishing? Have a couple of grandkids I would like show a good time. Also anyone know of any 3 or 4 bedroom waterfront homes to stay in?
Posted By: J-Rods Guide Service

Re: Lake Limestone - 05/11/20 01:42 PM

Posted By: T Bird

Re: Lake Limestone - 05/11/20 02:55 PM

Good grass fishing when full. Shallow lake overall. Gets tough when lake levels fall in summer.
Posted By: 603Country

Re: Lake Limestone - 05/11/20 09:56 PM

We were crappie fishing there on Saturday. Caught about 10. The folks that really know the lake (not me) can catch a bunch of Bass and Crappie. Lots of stumps in some areas, but plenty of open water too. I’ve never seen the lake particularly crowded, but maybe others have. It’s full now, but might be shallow again in the summer.

As for finding a rent house, I can only suggest you call a realtor. The lake has a lot of shoreline and lots of houses. Surely you can find a nice rental.
Posted By: spacejunkie

Re: Lake Limestone - 05/12/20 01:56 PM

Thanks guys. Helps a lot on making a decision on going there.
Posted By: pocove

Re: Lake Limestone - 05/12/20 11:41 PM

I have a home on the lake and fish it often. Bass fishing can be tough but there are some good numbers to be caught with some work. Decent crappie, you may have to try different areas of the lake where the standing timber meets at creek channels.

Whites and catfish are plentiful and are a lot of fun to catch. One suggestion is to hire a fishing guide as the guide knows the lake. Also, you can usually fish for different species if one isn't biting.
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