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Freshwater Fish safe to eat

Posted By: TheThirstyMoose

Freshwater Fish safe to eat - 03/11/20 01:14 PM

I was reading up online some areas around Houston to go and do some bass fishing and I kept coming up wit hall of these consumption advisories about damn near every drop of freshwater within a 100 mile radius. What are the real risks of eating what you catch and are there some lakes or rivers that are better or worse to go to?
Posted By: TXMulti-Species

Re: Freshwater Fish safe to eat - 03/11/20 04:23 PM

If there's a consumption advisory I wouldn't chance it. Fish for fun and buy fish at the supermarket.
Posted By: PKfishin

Re: Freshwater Fish safe to eat - 03/11/20 05:58 PM

here is the link to the list TPWD puts out on lakes that have consumption advisories.


I would not eat any fish from a lake that is a near a big city or that has city treated sewage coming into it. The OK department of wildlife used to have a video I can no longer find that showed how to fillet a fish removing the skin and discarding the belly meat. According to them this removed 90% of toxins like they have in their lakes next to coal power plants. If you fillet your fish and catch them from a rural lake you will be fine.

how to fillet

I would also not eat fish from the grocery store as that stuff is for sure bad.


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