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San Antonio shore fishing??

Posted By: Noaht19

San Antonio shore fishing?? - 06/27/19 01:28 AM

Hi everyone I'm new to the area. I'm at Lackland air Force Base doing technical training. I don't know the area very well looking for any tips or spots to fish from shore for well anything. I'm not picky just looking to do a little fishing while I'm here. I do not have a vehicle here. So I'm looking for places fairly close to the base about a 30 min Uber ride. Any tips or help would be great Thanksgiving everyone
Posted By: Debra Hengst

Re: San Antonio shore fishing?? - 06/27/19 11:17 AM

Hi, welcome to our beautiful city and hope you enjoy your stay here! There is a small pond maybe 5 miles from the base Millers Pond Park at 6175 Old Pearsall Rd open 5-11pm. Its a 42-acre park featuring a stocking fishing pond, picnic areas, a basketball court & football field. For shore fishing that would be your closest.

The inner city lakes would be Braunig and Calaveras Lakes, 30 miles south of the base.

Debra smile
Posted By: Jimbo

Re: San Antonio shore fishing?? - 06/27/19 12:06 PM

X2 on the Pearsall Rd. Millers Pond. It's just across the runway on the south end of the base. Just head up Pearsall and you'll see the park sign on your right.
Texas Parks & Wildlife are going to stock it again with catfish tomorrow on the 28th according to the stocking schedule.
It will be their sixth stocking which they are doing every two weeks until Nov. 1 and the daily limit is 5 fish if you keep anything, but no limit on the catching.
You will need a fishing license though.
Nightcrawlers, hot dogs or a prepared bait like CJ's shad flavored punch bait have worked for me.
There is an Academy Sports and Outdoors just down military drive that has all you'll need, maybe not the hotdogs. grin

Maybe even better, there is a small park just down the hill from the PX and Commissary near the big water tower, and as you go down the hill and cross the creek the entrance is on the right.
Ultralight gear and some worms or a fly rod and flies and you can catch a ton of bluegill in the small dammed up creek right there on base.
When I worked there a few years ago, I would go there on my lunch break and wet a line.
I've been retired for ten years, but I hope it's still there and it should be.
Welcome to Texas if ya ain't a Texan and to the Forum! welcome
Posted By: jaymzinsa

Re: San Antonio shore fishing?? - 06/27/19 05:14 PM

Tom slick park off 151 and 410 is close to lackland as well and has some decent fish. look on google earth or maps near marbach and hunt lane. you will see several ponds that have access, heritage duck pond has some surprising fish in it as does the one by westlake villas apts. also do a search for southwest high school, there are lots of beautiful ponds in that area. havent been there in years so i don't know what the access is like now but those are well worth the effort if you can get out there. I think one of those is called "miss kitty's place" or something like that; you can look it up on youtube. have fun and tight lines.
Posted By: JJ4MEL

Re: San Antonio shore fishing?? - 06/27/19 07:15 PM

Braunig and Caleveras.
Posted By: 361V

Re: San Antonio shore fishing?? - 06/29/19 01:23 PM

Welcome to the TFF welcome and thank you for you service! flag “Uber to fishing”! Times are a changing! Wish I was in the area to take you out. Maybe someone on here will. Millers Pond is going to be your closest bank fishing option. Long walk. Bus or Uber.
Posted By: Laker One

Re: San Antonio shore fishing?? - 06/30/19 02:14 PM

welcome to the TFF and thank you for your service! flag
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