Wanting y'alls thoughts on the value of my engine, hull, and trailer. Boat has a crack in the fiberglass on both sides of the tilt and trim unit from someone trying to steal the boat and not getting job done. I figure this makes the hull pretty much worthless since it is a 85 model. My dad bought a new skeeter and gave me the old boat and since then I have used the boat once because we always take his. The motor still fires right up and runs like a champ. Since I don't fish it anymore I run it on the muffs occasionally so it doesn't sit. Also had a trailer built about six years ago out of c-purlin so we didn't have to worry about it rusting out like the old trailer. Wanting to sell the setup and surprise him with a side imaging unit for his new boat and some other accessories if any money left over. Thanks for any help in advance and sorry for the long read.

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