Hello fellow TFFers..

I would love to introduce to you Bassmanager.com, the most advanced Bass Fishing tool online today! We just launched today and are always going to be updating and making our application one of the best experiences any Bass Fisherman will ever have online as far as the sport is concerned. For $9.99 you will have access to all our features (which is detailed throughout our website) and be able to become a part of our contests (which we throw every month) which actually kicks off later today (so stay tuned).. We even shot a quick a commercial to explain our product a bit better to everyone..

On a personal note: Thank you as I have been a member of the Texas Fishing Forum for a while now & love and am intrigued on how many fishermen actually use the computer these days. Also how tight knit a community can really become! Thank you for inspiring me everyday with your comments, interests, and ever growing knowledge to be able to even present this to the world!

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