Good morning Texas Anglers

It has passed some time since I posted my last thread in this incredible Forum. First at all I want to give you my best wishes for all of you and your beloved ones in this 2014.

This time I bring for you my last video to show some of the Fly-Tails I was tying in the last weeks. I will use major part of these Fly-tails complement my Attilas (own made spoonfly) and have more fun in my fishing.

I have tied different colours combination with the purpose to have many alternatives to choose at the moment when Im following a catch. It is true that colours and weather conditions go together. Then, depending on day light, water colour, and the specie that I am looking for, I will use different combinations.

As I said, before to get wet many of these Fly-Tails will be set together with my Attilas (you can watch my Attila Spoonfly in my Youtube Channel to understand what I meant).

Im sure, I will enjoy a lot doing captures with these Fly-Tials and my own lures. Here in Peru, is very strange to see an angler fishing with his own-made lures/flies/etc.

The materials I have used:
- Saltwater hook Eagle Claw Octopus 4/0 and Mustad #8
- For the heads: Deer hair (tail and belly) colours: White, Black, Yellow, Chartreuse, Fl. Hot Pink, Fl. Light Blue, Fl. Orange, Purple, Red, Blue
- Artificial Craft fur: almost same colours as Deer Hair
- Coloured threads
- White Krystal Flash for bodies
- Coloured Krystal Flash for sides and back
- In some Fly-Tails I used feathers for the heads, to give more volume and movement

I hope you like this video, your suggestions and comments are welcome.

Happy New Year and have lot of fun fishing this 2014, Antonio

Here the link to my video

We have to practice and defend for a responsible fishing. Let's protect our environment

When ever have time, visit my Channel at Youtube, thank you
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