We are on the back side of the fall lake turn over and good things are starting to happen. I would like to congratulate yesterday's guide client,Steve Nelson, on his 8.48 over pictured below. For the second time in a few months,he really put it on his son Elliot who longs to be on the receiving end of these big Lake Fork studs. Steve landed a 9.38 over during a June trip and seems to figure this lake is easy. I had to reel him in a put his feet back on the ground. He didn't get to experience late August or September.

Most of our bigger fish have been coming from 10-18ft and most are falling victim to the drop shot, smaller straight tail worms on sunny days and larger, fatter worms on cloudy days. I have posted another photo from a recent trip showing these big daddy's are ready to feed up for the upcoming winter. Stay safe on the water call me if you are interested in a day on the water.

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