We have a Century 2280 with a Yamaha VMax 150 and have been having a recurring problem with the tilt, trim system not working. We have topped off the hydraulics a few times but it keeps coming back. We keep the boat in dry storage at Redfish Bay in Aransas Pass and they recommended John Chandler of Chandler's Mobile Outboard Service and Repair. We called John and he went by and examined the boat and topped off the hydraulics and then inspected everything involved in the trim system. He could not find any pitting on the rams or O ring problems in the fill cap so unless it happens again which would indicate a very tiny leak (it goes several trips before it shows up with a vapor lock) he says we are good to go. I appreciated his time and honesty and his lack of "fix something just to make money approach". If and when it does it again we will have to rebuild the trim system for quite a bit of money but for now we are good.
If you need engine work and cannot get down to take you boat to the shop, I highly recommend John Chandler....361-463-8035