Most businesses operating on the TFF are a huge asset to the site and conduct themselves with respect, courtesy and integrity.

We have a large audience. There are 300,000-400,000 unique users hitting this site every month. Businesses have an opportunity to promote themselves for FREE here. We run an open format, but do have expectations of a business operating and promoting on the TFF.

1. We expect a business and their employees/pro staff to set the example for how you act on a public forum. Neither you (the owners/managers) nor your employees/pro staff should be creating extra work for the TFF moderators. You make money off us. Why should you be costing us our time?

It is always better for a business operating on a public forum to take the high road. There will always be someone taking a shot at your business, but if you are producing a quality product, whether it be a lure, guide service or tournament trail, the fact that you do the right thing will emerge in the end. Getting in to disputes with your competitors or the general public usually makes both of you look bad and creates problems for the TFF staff.

Set the example for the right way to interact on a public forum. Show people respect, courtesy and patience and it will benefit your business much more than getting in petty disputes.

2. Since you are constantly linking to your web site from the TFF, it goes a long way with us if we see a logo with a link back to the TFF on your web site. If we are supporting you and sending traffic your way, a little reciprocation is nice to see.

3. We do not require you to purchase advertising to promote on the TFF. Occasionally offering something to the members is a nice way to give back. Do a giveaway or run a contest where a member can win some of your product, a free tournament entry or maybe a free night at your hotel or lodge. Above all, deliver what you promise or award in a reasonable amount of time.

4. If you are contacted by a moderator, please shoot strait with us. If you start fabricating or stretching the truth, you make it difficult for us to show you leniency.

Bottom line is, if we put money/customers in your pocket, you should be easy to deal with, an asset to the site, and a model for other members as to how to interact on a public forum. We also expect some basic courtesy and reciprocation. The TFF has put a number of businesses on the map. If you work with us as a partner, we will both continue to prosper.