The OT has a diverse audience that includes women and kids. Please keep this in mind when choosing topics of discussion. This is an open public forum and locker-room talk isn't appropriate.

Politics & Religion:

We have created a private forum specifically for political and religious discussion called The Bunker. There is a 500 post count minimum to participate and you must request approval from a moderator via PM for access.

Hump Day rules:

We're not teetotalers, but because someone always takes it too far, here are the guidelines:

Keep them in swimsuits. No lingerie. No private areas exposed. Do not search the Internet for a bathing suit that looks like lingerie. If you post something that looks more like lingerie than a swim suit, you are running the risk of a ban.

No camel toes.

No see through t-shirts.

Do not quote photos you know are over the line. If you do, you will join the OP on the WOS.

Do not post photos with web addresses that link to inappropriate sites, especially pornographic web sites.

When Hump Day is over, let the post go. Don't bump it on Thursday to keep it going.

If a Hump Day thread is locked or removed, DO NOT start another one.