This weeks tip is on what knot to use while vertical jigging.

I personally like to keep all my rigging simple, all my friends know this and i have never had a problem with keeping my rigs simple.

This is why for the first knot i chose the improved clinch, i use this basic knot for just about everything and have landed from small mangrove snappers to 200lb sharks on it. I use this knot probably 95+% of the time when tying to my vertical jig.

I have a buddy who loves the palomar knot and swears it is the best knot out there for typical jigging and general fishing

but i also chose a knot that has been around for a while but is rarely recognized by most fishermen. I have used this knot a handful of times and i must say it works just fine and it makes a cool secrete weapon. This knot is used a lot on the west coast by tuna fishermen with jigs.

"Improved Clinch

1. Thread end of line through eye of hook. Double back making 5 or more turns around standing line.

2. Bring end of line back through the first loop formed behind the eye then through the big loop.

3. Wet knot and pull on tag end to tighten down the coils. Slide tight against the eye and clip tag end close."

"San Diego Jam Knot

1. Pass end of line through eye of hook or lure. Let a heavy lure hang down or pinch hook between little finger and palm.

2. Loop tag end over index finger and make 7 wraps around the double line down to the eye.

3. Feed tag end between double lines below last wrap and bring back to loop made by index finger. Run through loop and remove finger.

4. Moisten lines and pull tag end tight. Slide knot tight to lure and clip tag end close."

"Palomar Knot

1. Double 6 inches of line and pass end of loop through eye of hook.

2. Tie a loose overhand knot with hook hanging from bottom.

3. Holding overhand knot between thumb and forefinger, pass loop of line over the hook. Slide loop above eye of hook.

4. Pull on both the standing line and tag end to tighten knot down onto eye. Clip tag end close."

all detailed info on tying these knots was brought over from

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