I have a 2006 Triton tr186 with a Mercury XR6 150hp new to me last year. I was advised to check the fuel lines due to Ethanol we have in the gas around here when I was changing out likely the original primer bulb. Found some corrosion in the lines and decided to replace them, change the fuel filter, and rebuild the fuel pump diaphragm. Everything went well except when I tried to put the fuel line from the tank through. I connected the old line and the new line and began to pull the old out while putting the new in. It was very hard to pull and I was able to get only 3.5 feet through until it all stuck. Likely, the connected lines are stuck in the corner behind the drivers seat - it will not move back out or forward.

I was instructed to pull very hard, which I did, or take out the drivers side cup holder and try to reach things through that hole. Nothing works and I have everything stuck. Seemed like this should have taken 1 hour to do at max but now into it about 5 hours and still stuck. Any thought or ideas would be appreciated.

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