Lake Buchanan will reveal the AOY and set the stage for the 2012 Championship May 19, 2012
We are proud to announce an additional $500.00 winner payout.

Brought to you by: Texas Boat World

FAN will award the Lake Buchanan winning team and additional $500

Pre-Tournament Meeting information
Come out Friday evening and enjoy some hot dogs/sausage with all the fixin’s prepared by your own FAN staff at The Edgewater Resort we will be in the meeting hall.
Give Angie a call at 512-793-2818 to reserve lodging as they have several cabins still available. WEBSITE
Due to the changing water levels and navigation concerns – FAN will allow trailering to ensure safety.
First cast will be 6:30 am with the last cast at 3:00 pm. You must be checked in at Edgewater by 4:00 pm in order to weigh your fish. Scales will close at 4:30.
Polygraphs will be administered Saturday at close of scales.
Registration will begin at 6PM
Our Guest Speaker will be out StaffChaplain and recent lake Travis winner Bill Shelnutt.
The Edgewater Resort is located at
P.O. Box 961
224 S. Winding Way
Buchanan Dam, TX 78609
(512) 793-2818
The Edgewater Resort will be the official lodging and host of the weigh in Saturday May18th and 19th.
Current AOY standings for 2012 Categories are:

Overall Points Champions – Charles Whited and Lee Beuershausen 449 points
Youth/Adult - Jayson and Lake Kisselburg 431 Points
Male/Female - Lance Hale – Deborah Rebisz 412 Points

It is still any teams to win with the point’s race extremely tight. YTD results
Here are the top 15 teams in the race
1 Charles Whited – Lee Beuershausen 449
2 David Gandaria – Brian Washburn 446
3 Tony Fedinando – Randy Vaughn 442
4 Rex Wheeler – John Weatherly 433
5 David Bueche – Alexander Meine 432
6 Jayson Kisselburg – Lake Kisselburg Y/A 431
7 Allen Gass – Randy Grounds 428
8 Bill Shelnutt – Dave Titus 418
9 Jacky Roberts – Lee Roberts 415
10 Bud Croom – Matt Millard 414
11 Lance Hale – Deborah Rebisz M/F 412
12 Earl Loggians – Leisha Loggians M/F 407
13 David Millard – Chuck Millard 395
14 Lance Wenmohs – Mike Clark 386
15 Lance Dillard – Blake Dillard Y/A 383
David Stephens – Clifton Watters 383
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