I have a slab mold made out of a B-29 propeller hub. My grandfather made it 45 years ago. He used to fish only for whites. His shad imitation slab is deadly. I catch hybrids on it as well. I got my Dremel out and carved out a new BIGGER SHAD cast. Iwas afraid that the "injured baitfish action on the small one would be lost on the bigger version. Boy was I wrong. My very first cast I landed a 20 lb. buffalo. I know it was not the type of fish I was hunting but hey i figure that if it fooled a buffalo then it is working well. we caught some bigger than avg. whites with it but the wind got so bad that we didn'fish very long. I am going in the morning I well update the forum on how we do. Good Luck and let's go fishin' www.thecrappieking.com