Coffee Mill Lake, North Fannin County.

08:20 - 11:00 AM.
Overcast skies.
Wind: 5 - 15 mph.
Air Temp. starting: 59*F.
Air Temp. ending: 71*F.
Water: Muddy-16" visibility.

Total fish caught: 9 LMB, all well over limit except one. Largest to 6lb.4oz.
12 Crappie, 3 keepers.
1 Channel Cat, 17 inches.

Pulled out the arsenal today. Tried everything from flukes, sencos, worms, lizards,spinnerbaits, and rattle traps. Only ONE thing caught the fish....WHITE BUCKTAIL ROADRUNNERS !!!!!

All fish caught in less than two foot of water in weeds with rocky/sandy bottom.

Best part?....All caught while bank fishing!! Every boat that came in while I was there had been fishing points, holes, and next to the dam. Out of six boats/12 fisherman, total of 4 fish. LOL.

GOD Bless America and our Troops