Subject: Lake Fork, Texas
Submitted by Jason Hoffman

Date Fished: 3/14/03

Water Temperature: 58
Water Clarity: 1 foot

The fishing here on Lake Fork is getting better by the day. There are lots of buck bass running the shallows looking for a place to bed. We have been targeting the bigger females and they are still located in the normal staging areas such as creek channels and secondary points. We are mainly using a 3/8 oz Viper XP Jig for these fish. Black/Blue has been our best color by far, but you can also catch a few on a green pumpkin jig. Don't expect to catch huge numbers of these females, but the ones you do catch are worth catching. Big fish in my boat this past week was the 4th Share-A-Lunker entry of the year. She was caught by Brandon Moss from Ardmore, OK and she weighed 13.51 pounds. We had another one over 10 pounds yesterday that broke us off at the boat. She had that jig so deep in her mouth that her teeth cut the line. Most of these fish are in the 6-10 ft range.

If you are targeting numbers, stay shallow with rattle traps and shallow running crankbaits. Most everyone is throwing red, so I prefer to throw a different color. If it's sunny outside, you will find us throwing chrome/blue back. If it's cloudy, we are throwing either chartreuse of some sort or brown of some sort. It won't be long before these big females are on the beds. You can expect more Share-A-Lunker entries in the next week.

I still have some dates available this Spring if you are interested in a guided trip. Hope everyone has a safe and successful trip!!!

Jason Hoffman