Richland Chambers Lake Saturday April 7th I had the pleasure of guiding long time customers Chad, his wife Windy and their son Aden. They had lots of fun catching quality sand bass on silver shad slab by casting out and retrieve or vertical jigging. Presentation of the lure is important but being on the fish is everything and man where we on fish today.

If you would like to take the family fishing on Richland Chambers Lake located about an hours drive from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, give me a call at 214-728-3310 and lets schedule a trip and go catch some fish. I can accommodate any size family. You can visit my web site at for trip information and more pictures.

Windy and husband Chad with son Aden are on the fish early. Just cast it out and reel in a fish, don't get any better.

Everybody is hooked up and really excited; me too!
Fish schooling all over the place.

Windy is killing them, go Windy go!!!

Lot of these fish were caught by young Aden who is now an Eagle Scout.
Good day fishing with long time customer's and we will do it again!