Friday and Saturday AM were a couple of tough, windy mornings on RC with LOTS of little fish on both surface schooling and Slab fish. The Whites did not school for prolonged periods on Friday as they did on Saturday morning.Almost as soon as you'd get on a school they'd go down, and in the 50' plus water off the Fisherman Point area, the fish were not hitting Slabs very well. On Friday, found lots of Slab fish in the 25' water near Pelican Island, but only about one out of every ten was a keeper. Although I didn't have a customer on Friday PM, the Whites were in schools over several acres from the Windsock Point to the Lighthouse in the 6-8PM timeframe.

Saturday AM proved better with the surface fish staying up longer, and making it easy to get a couple of limits of fish. Didn't attempt to Slab any as the customers wanted to stay on the school fish plus the youngster was only eight and enjoyed the visual part of fish, shad, birds, etc. Used 1/8 oz. Chrome Rattletraps, small in-line spinners and Clear Tiny Torpedos.

Crappie are beginning to get more dependable on my deepwater brushpiles. Looking back at last years Log, September and October were really good for early AM, late PM and a couple of excellent night Crappie trips.

If interested in a White, Crappie or a little bit of both trip, give me a call. Night fishing can be really enjoyable in the Fall also.

Royce Simmons

Royce & Adam Simmons
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