The lake has come up a lot in the past week, putting many of the courtesy dock back in the water and usable. The good news is that the lake is now only 3.12 feet low the bad news is, the lake is muddy all the way up past Rogers Park and stained over the rest of the lake. I launched at 8:30 this morning with the air temperature down to 58 degrees, but a water temperature was between 60 and 61 degrees. With the rise in water temperatures, I was hoping to find some fish up in shallower water. I went with a variety of different baits today that included crankbaits, chatterbaits, jigs, C-Rig Lizard and Texas Rigged 10 worm. It became clear, early that the Texas Rigged worm was what they wanted today. I fished the muddy water and did manage 4 Largemouth today with 2 coming off rocky points leading into coves and 2 came way in the back of the cove. No females only 14 males, but I dont believe it will be much longer and the big females will be moving up to spawn. I ended todays trip at 1:30 PM. You can also find updates on my web site or on Facebook.

President / Director of the Central Texas High School Tournament Trail