Me and my buddy went out to Shady Shores on Lewisville last night. We had some fresh caught shad and our hopes were high. I've never fished Shady and wanted to give it a try as there's not too many places on this lake to bank fish at night. We got out there and the wind kicked our butts! North wind blowing like all get out, and our casts were being pulled back to the right and inwards. We could probably only get out 30-40 feet. After an hour we decided to pack it up and head to the Luna Rd. Ponds. We stayed out for 3 more hours and weren't getting anything.

Just as our discouragement reached it's peak and we were ready to pull it in, one of my poles dropped. Got it up to the bank and had a small 2-pounder on my hook.

The thing about fishing is, I didn't need that 40-pounder to make me happy. Just getting out on the water with a buddy and some cold brews is reward enough after a hard days grind at work.

Of course, I'll be back out on the lake tonight. I'll probably try the old lake Dallas dam and see if that 40-pounder is ready for me after all.

PB Blue Cat 45 lbs Lake Texoma