1996 Misty Harbor pontoon that I need to sell. There are some very unattractive selling points about this boat, but it was my first at age 25, and I didnt think about resale when I bought it.

The best thing on the boat is the engine. Year 2000 model, 3cylinder, 40 horse Mercury outboard. This engine is immaculate, reliable, and dutifully maintained.

The pontoon was purchased from a marina at Eagle Mountain Lake and moved to Pier 121 on Lake Lewisville, from which I use it often. There is no trailer for this boat. The boat has seen better days but there is nothing that needs to be repaired. I also have the title to both the boat and engine.

My buddy made this analogy: It reminds be of Texas Stadiumbig, blue, and uglyyet it still does the job it was made for.

I need to sell this boat...therefore I am willing to accept a big loss from what I paid. I am offering the boat for $3000. Please email me at Muddler50@aol.com, rather than communicating through the forum, and tell me what additional info I can provide you. I will have pictures tomorrow.

Thanks Boaters & Anglers (especially for the knowledge gained on many subjects)