Hello All,

Well, we got rain!
A lot of freshwater with these storms and the water temp has dropped
into the upper 70's. Seems to really be getting the fish movin'.
We're on Jack Crevelle to 25+ pounds on an almost daily basis, there are
still an awful lot of redfish around, although most are on the smaller
side (19-23"), we are starting to see schools of fish in the upper 20's
and low 30's, this is the time for big reds! The speckled trout are
really starting to show back up since the front came through. Tarpon are
still around, we've hooked 29 from my boat since late August, of those;
jumped 26, landed two, We haven't seen one under 80 pounds!

I'll be running saltwater trips through the end of October, and am
starting up rainbow trout about the first week in November and expect a
banner year on the Guadalupe, we've had great flows through the summer
and a good number of holdovers that are doin' nothin' but eatin' bugs
and gettin' fat.
What a great time to be a fly fisher in Texas!

Fish Hard, Fish Safe,
Capt. Scott http://www.flyfishingtexas.com

>)));> Wishin' I was Fishin' <;(((<

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