Got out at 6:50AM to see if I could join the group going for surfacing hybrids. Only saw Karry and 2 passengers, and they were pulling one in as I approached. They had caught 4 legal hybrids from a school that had surfaced there - but action stopped as I started to fish. They went on north, and I looked around south end for a while but never found any surface action. Finally, went to structure fishing about 8 o'clock. Caught about a dozen at Key Ranch including a 21 inch hybrid. That slowed so went to Mid-lake Hump and stayed there. When I left at 11 o'clock I had 45 fish. Caught 5 more at Carolyn's Estates Point on the way in for total of 50: 45 whites, the hybrid, a 23 inch carp (picture below), and 3 cats. Back at dock at 11:30. Fish caught on #2 Mepps spinner.

Don't usually get out by sunrise, so took a picture of it - below.

This 23 inch fish caught this AM I believe is a carp

Today's sunrise @ Cedar Creek