Hello Everyone,

Just thought you might want to know there is a new bamboo rodmakers book out. I just received my copy from Amazon. It is by Ed Engle, "Splitting Cane: Conversations with Bamboo Rodmakers". Ed profiles fifteen rodmakers from all over the country, and one in Sweden.

Ed really has a pleasant and eloquent writing style which places the reader in the company of the rodmakers. Through Ed's descriptions of the rods and how they cast, the reader "sees and casts" the rod in a literary form from the comfort of a favorite armchair.

When it comes to writing about cane rods and the crafts people who build them, Ed has that attention to detail and honest, descriptive prose shared by Keane, Codella, Lisella and Corsetti.

In my opinion, it is a very good new read and is destined to be a classic piece in the near future.


Plano TX