Hello friends, it's been nearly a couple years since I was last active on the forum here and I hope y'all have been doin' well and the catch has been good. I learned a lot from the forum here and especially Tom Gravley (hey Tom!) who took me out and taught me a lot about fishin' in Summer 2009 when he was real kind to take me out on Lake Lewisville on his boat.

2010 I moved to Austin to take a job repairing old electronics and I've been busy with that and starting my own business endeavors, also I have a new son born in February, Loki Frederik, so I haven't had much time for fishing but am back in Denton starting in July and really hope to catch up for some missed time and hopefully start savin' for a little boat.

Last week I went out trotline fishing on the Neches River near Beaumont, on the stretch of river north of the saltwater dam. My family have been fishing this way specifically targeting bigger flatheads (they call 'em ops) for generations out on this river, and I was real excited to get the opportunity to get schooled on the old ways. The fishing was very slow due to the heat (which they said was 20 degrees higher than it usually was), but we still caught seven flatheads in the 4-12 pound range and a blue in the 10 pound range. They usually catch a few in the 25-30 pound range and have caught them up to 80 pounds out there (the pictures from those trips are pretty incredible.) We were fishing with live jugheads which my uncle raises in his pond.

Here's a video of landing one:

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the fishing story and it's nice to be hangin' out. Anyone wants to take me fishin' this Summer I'll be happy to pay for the gas and some food.

Take care,

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