Jungles Rivers Big Game Fishing in Nicaragua , Fishing Report # 37 October 2002
The complete report and all the pictures can be seen at: http://www.nicaraguafishing.com/rep37.htm
Long time since I wrote a fishing report..Was probably a bit tired of writing the same thing afraid also to be Boring for readers saying , than we catch Tarpon and Snook and Gar and tarpon and gar and snook..... well during all these months as usual we had good fishing and happy guests in the Upper San Juan River in Nicaragua , no problem ....
I will only talk to day of a very special Fishing Party organised by my fishing guides on the 18th of October ...
I said on that Morning “ What would be great is than I catch a tarpon to day on my new rod..It’s my bithday would really be a nice Birthday present...”
Well every body took my words very seriously...and no way to escape even if I had other comitment on that Morning...I had to go fishing with Augusto, Eliesse and Abraham..three of my guides aboard Julia Brava 1 ... we fished for 4 and a half hours close to San Carlos... we caught .Two Tarpon around 100lb release to the boat and also 5 Snook: 37lb , 27lb, 19lb, 12lb 10lb , plus 2 Gars around 20lb each...I really could not ask for more on the ocasion of my Birthday.. Thank Guys.....
The October News letter , The complete report and a lot of pictures on this special Fishing session are at: http://www.nicaraguafishing.com/rep37.htm
Fishing is expect to remain as good in the coming months..
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