Bill, You know where I fish. For the past twenty five years, out of Aransas Pass, Conn Brown Harbor free boat ramp. However, I pretty fish for Spec trout and flounder. So, I can only say, get a guide that favors redfishing. I know the biologist that tracks redfish out of the UT Marine Science Center in Port Aransas. He has told be in the past, to fish Lyndi Channel, near the light house, on low tide, in the evening. There is a inlet that off the channel that channels the water out of the bay into the Lyndi Channel, on low tide. I will call him and ask to e-mail you this coming week. Also, I will be going several times in October and November. I know that alot of fisherman, use cut mullet and live piggy perch. I will post again, after I talk with him. I can guarantee a ton of redfish caught in Late December and January. I fish the intercoastal canal, 100 yards from the Aransas Pass bridge. Sorry, not much help for October trip, yet! Other websites to check, are: (Outdoor Section)