Put in on Grapevine last night at 10:30. Fished for catfish first for about 3 hours. Nada.

Switched to LMB about 3 A.M. Caught probably 15 but the 4 worth mentioning were 2.3, 2.5, 2.8, & 3.2 lbs. Released all.

While fishing for LMB along the dam sandbass started biting my lure about 30 minutes before sunup. Caught 5 in about 15 minutes, all keepers. LMB shut-off about the same time.

At daybreak switched to the HellPet. Caught probably 80 sandbass up until about 8:30 (they were still biting I just got tired). The key to it was 25-26 feet of water. Under 25 or over 26 didn't do it. Real particular. Saw no surface action at all. Kept my 25 ranging from 10 1/2 to 14 inches.

All LMB's and sandbass caught on lures came on XPS Laser Eye's in 3 different sizes. All in the rainbow trout colors. The bigger fish hit the smaller sizes?????? I'm going to replace my little ones (lost them in the rocks on the dam) and try tying one behind the Hellbender.

All in all a great night and morning. I also got to break in my new GPS: Garmin 76. Looks like it is going to do the trick.

Well, got fish to clean, a shower to take, and then to bed.

Later y'all,


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