I had a small club tourney out of Union Grove on Sat. Got there to find there was another big tourney going on. So, I try a few spots uplake of Union Grove that's treated me well in the past. Nothing outta there so I tried to run around and find a bit of grass, but didn't have a lot of luck doing this. Started catching small fish on C rigs between 4-10 ft. deep around points. They were all dinks. Started throwing bigger baits and still caught nothing but dinks. Ran all the way down to the dam area to try and find some smallies. No luck. Went back to the midlake area and caught more dinks on C rigs and jerkbaits. Ended up with 10+ fish, none big enough to keep. The guy who won our tourney had 3 fish, all slightly bigger than "14.

Any of you do better on saturday or know what won that other tourney?

Toads for breakfast, lunch and dinner!