Good Afternoon,

I am finally getting ready to pull the trigger on a boat. I was a previous owner for many years of a Cajun Bass Boat and just loved it with the Fastrike 150 out back.

I am looking to pick up on Tuesday a 2000 Skeeter SL185 with a Vmax 150 out back. I have never owned either of these manufactures, but assume I will be safe. Of course this boat is a Fish N Ski versus just a bass boat. With a growing family, I had to find some middle ground :-)

I am curious if there is anything I should be looking out for as I get ready for a lake test on this boat. The boat was originally propped with a 25 pitch yamaha blade and the previous owner complained about low WOT RPM's. It is my understanding that it will be redone with a 4 blade 21 pitch today/monday. The boat also has a jackplate which I have not worked with before. I am pretty handy motor / repair wise and look forward to be able to adjust (tweak) things such as engine height, etc.

The compression came back even on 5 of the 6 cylinders with a variance of 4 lbs on the later one. I am curious how well this boat will take mixed water conditions as I plan on spending much of my fishing time on Fork and know that this lake can hand out some nice rollers.

Thanks and looking forward to wetting the line again!