Water Temp: 57-58

Water: Stained

Wind: W 5-15

We are still experiencing some cooler then normal temperatures for this time of year. If we could get some warmer nights, we could really see the fishing take off on Lake Nacogdoches. March has been a terrific month for big fish. We saw numerious 8-9lb fish along with some 6-7's and countless 4-5lb'ers. When the weather cooperated we saw some good numbers days with 10-20 fish being about the average and 42 fish total being the highest.

The fish are in all sorts of stages right know. The most productive way to catch fish at this time is to target 1' to 2' of water in spawning areas. covering alot of water can help locate the better concentrations of fish. When we recieve a cold shot, expect the fish to be somewhat lethargic for a day or so. Pulling back to the nearest brake or piece of cover in slightly deeper depths can help remedy this situation. The spawn has started, but the majority of the fish have yet to spawn.

Spinnerbaits, weightless Senko's, Shallow Running Crankbaits, Jigs, Chatterbaits, and T-rigged Worms are all producing right now. The best thing about this time of year is the fish can get real active and the bait you love to throw may be the best lure for that trip. Experimenting with different lures can produce better fish in the same areas.

Alot of people I speak with are concerened with the dirty water. A few rules to remember when fishing dirty water. Fish will not chase as much in dirty water. They would rather ambush. Fish will also tend to stick close to cover and use this cover as ambush points. Finding productive ambush cover can help eliminate water when dealing with the muddy water puzzle. Dirty water will also warm up quicker then clear, so when looking for warmer water, the muddy stuff is the way to go.......

I have dates available in April.....

Hope this helps!

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