The lake is slowly getting back to normal. We are only a couple inches high, so they should be closing the gates any day. That alone will help. The water is still dirty, but not terrible. Buck and Isle du Bois are pretty bad. The fish are still there though. Plus the dirty water warms faster than clear. Some nice fish are starting to show up in some really shallow water. There isn't a bunch of them up there yet, but some. With the water temps rising it has helped. At least they are steady in the mid 50's. We had been catching some fish on traps and chatterbaits. Sunday afternoon it was about a jig and a spinnerbait. We would have had a little over 17lbs Sunday afternoon. Black/blue 1/2oz jig worked SLOW around rock produced a couple fish. We got 4 bites on the new spinnerbaits from Brassn'Blades. We were using a 1/2oz chartruese with double colorado blades.

Looking forward to another good spring on Roberts. It's just a little behind this year :):)

Lake Ray Roberts Guide - Dannie Golden