Just so you everyone is aware Wave Spin has the best customer support around. I have one of the original Wave Spin reels and a part of the reel came off (just cosmetic). I called Wave Spin and Russ (the V.P.) answered the phone. After pleading my case and offering to buy the piece Russ gladly shipped me a replacement part at no cost. Even better was a hand written note from Doug explaining that the reel I own had been discontinued but he did find the part I needed and send me a coupon for 20% off the newest reel! For an average person to receive this kind of attention from Russ and Doug you know they care about there product and there customers. By the way I do not receive free reels from Wave Spin I pay like everyone else they are just a good company to do business with. It dose not hurt that the product is pretty awesome also.

2003 520 RANGER 225 RUDE RAM