Well I made it out on the lake today, a
little late, but picked up a few shad.
ended up with 2 small sandies, 2 dink
Largemouth and 3 Hybrids 18 1/2 inches to
22 inches, Not biting real fast but 3
Hybrids and 1 Largemouth came on shad
Other Largemouth caught in cast net and
two sandies on slabs, All in all I enjoyed
the morning.,[img] http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0TQDOAtoWP18kGiIs2zpRwRxJjTX7QuXdmPVqsGgEZEY6xz35S9Qy1dCZRo*JKdNlKsMy*mzr1VKYZ3nJtwnYpeFSMfPhF8MbBbdeopUb!zMWY6balKbscA/IM000226.JPG?[/img]

Hooked on Hybrids