Well after years in the planning it finally happened! Made my way down to Freeport/Surfside to get in some flounder fishing (was really hoping to have the opportunity of my first-ever grand-slam but the weather just wasn't playing nicely)!!

So I'm up at oh-my-gosh-thirty and on the road by 4am! I awoke to thunderous applause... yay, a thunderstorm!! And lightening so bright I thought it was daylight! But I knew it was going to be a good trip 'cause right when I cranked the engine I heard James Brown singing "I Feel Good".... almost made me want to get out and do my James Brown dance.... almost that is!!

I don't think it stopped raining until I got back home!!! But hey... the fish are already wet right?! Well for this trip I'm going to be meeting up with Kevin and Wayne and learn how to catch some flounder! I pulled into Galveston and saw truck after truck hauling HUGE rocks that were being used to rebuild the jetties that suffered damage from when Hurricane Ike blew through a while back. There were other sights that I saw but those will come a bit later...

So my home-away-from-home was at Surfside Breeze (http://www.surfsidebreeze.com). Met Troy (he owns the hotel/RV park) and got checked into my room. Nice spacious accommodations and everything I needed for my stay during this fishing trip! As you can see from the pictures below.... you're not far from the surf fun here at Surfside Breeze!!!

Later in the day I met up with Wayne and when we got a break in the rain we headed over the the ICW (Intra-Coastal Waterway) and got in as much fishing as we could. Brought in flounder and sand trout and we had the makings for a nice meal later on! While we were fishing it was interesting watching the dredger going through the ICW and keeping that throughway clear and navigable.

Later that afternoon Kevin finally makes a guest appearance!! While we were fishing I thought I'd sneak in a snapshot ... I guess I got his best side??!!

Soon the rains started picking back up and it was time to head "home" for dinner. Wayne took some time to show me the art of filleting a flounder and then we sat down to a scrumptious dinner of flounder and sand trout! And then it was time to get some sleep cause I'd be back up at oh-my-gosh-thirty again for another day of fishing!

Up early and off to Galveston! Wayne and I pulled into the Yacht Basin and put the vessel in!

Just a short trip and we were anchored in and gearing up to start fishing! Soon Wayne has pulled in a couple of good-sized flounder and I've yet to figure these buggers out. So I'm firing off some questions and Wayne is really coaching me along good. And then... yeah.... FISH ON! I'm hooked in and the fight is on.... (cue theme song from "Rocky").... that fish is spooling line left and right and right and left.... sweat is pouring down like rain (or was it really raining?!).... and soon we have that behemoth in the boat.... I'm just glad we didn't have to gaff him!! (begin fade of theme song in the background....)

Yes sir! My first flounder!! Now that I had that first catch under my belt I could feel that flounder fever starting to build up even more!! Oddly enough, I can associate fishing for flounder much like fishing for catfish. When ya feel that distinct "thump"... give him some time, pull back on the line and if there's some pressure, set the hook and reel him in!

The fishing was gooooood that morning.... Wayne and I brought in 15 flounders and I was having a blast. Now Wayne works with the Sea Center in Lake Jackson (http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/spdest/visitorcenters/seacenter/) by bringing in flounder for their hatchery program (http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/spdest/visitorcenters/seacenter/visit/hatchery/). Keep in mind that the daily limit for flounder in November in Texas is 2 (two). We had 15! There were several boats around us and one of them did the right thing and put a call in to the game warden to let them know some folks were taking way more than what they should be doing. After a brief meeting with the game warden and he checked Wayne's credentials, we were on our way to the Sea Center.

... Read more in Part 2 of this report!! ...