If you're tired of tangled rods and not having space for the rods you need try a Bac Rac and enjoy safe secure rod storage for the back of any boat!
The Bac Rac is the back-seat angler's dream come true, allowing any co-angler to neatly organize all their rods without the tangled mess. The Bac Rac holds four rods and easily mounts into the crease of any bass boats back battery compartment in seconds, without tools or fasteners.
The Bac Rac is constructed of powder coated aircraft-grade aluminum and EVA foam. The Bac Rac has 2 security straps ensuring the safety of your rods and reels in rough water. Your rods are safe, secure and easy to access in the Bac Rac. The Bac Rac comes pre-drilled for easy permanent installation if needed. A heavy nylon backpack is included for easy transportation and storage. watch video here
Retail price is $59.95 plus shipping.
Available at Hank Timmermann Bass Fishing

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