Someone told me about this location here on the forum possibly being a good crabbing location for wheelchair accessibility or anyone else.

My wife and I took a drive yesterday to check it out.This looks like the ideal crabbing location with walkways and lots of rocks to crab off also. I'll send pics on request to Please ask for crabbing location pictures.

Take I-45 S from Houston to FM 518 and go left to Hwy. 146. Go left on 146 and go over Dickinson Bayou bridge, (On opposite side of bayou from Kemah Board Walk). Follow road under bridge to public boat ramp. You will see the pier or boarded walkway others are crabbing on.

PS. Looks like there might bee some fish in there too! smile

I hope this helps some of you. I came here to the forum for help and have gotten a lot of good advice myself.

"Thanks Texas Fishing Forum"

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